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2011-12-11 10:53 am


Another day, another dollar, another drug lord deposed as he got off the boat from Central America. As ops go, this one went about as smoothly as you could ask for: sure, the boat was an hour and a half late, and sure there were some shots fired, but nobody died.

Auggie finally gets off work around nine -- practically early -- and heads down to the locker room to shower the stress away.

And gets the bar, instead.

Well, a beer is almost as good as a shower. He sweeps his laser cane over the floor once to check for waitrats, then heads towards the counter to order a drink.
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2011-11-12 08:22 am


So after a fairly tiring day, Auggie and the Starks decide to get out of the house the next day and hit the Bronze.

It's the first time they've been there since they started . . . dating, sleeping together, whatever this is -- and Auggie is intensely aware of how much he's not touching them, aside from what's necessary for them to lead him around.
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2011-10-03 03:39 pm


Hokay, so, here we have a placeholder. Dayum, you might say, that is a sweet placeholder.

[ooc: Talk about kinks and Straight-up sex contained herein.]
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2011-09-19 10:44 pm


Getting back to work after weeks away was a lot more difficult than Auggie anticipated. The first couple days weren't bad -- the first thirteen-hour day wiped him out, and he barely made it through the ten, twelve, and nine-hour days that followed.

He finally wanders back into Milliways after eight hours of work on a Saturday. The sound of the bustling bar beyond the door to his apartment is thoroughly welcome; he slips inside and makes a beeline for Bar to order pizza and beer.
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2011-08-30 09:49 pm


So things got awkward and Auggie moved his stuff back out of the Stark household into Milliways.

And he's been totally fine with it. Honestly. It's been kind of a relief not to have to keep such a close eye on himself the last three or four days. Milliways is kind of anxiety-inducing, but less anxiety inducing than living in a house with those two young men.

Of course, he misses the easy camaraderie. But it's not like this is the first time he valued safety over friendship.
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2011-08-26 05:23 pm


So. That happened.

In spite of some of Auggie's lingering feelings of awkwardness, he's still a regular visitor at the Stark household. Tony keeps asking him over to consult on pieces of code, or to beta-test bits of hardware, and he usually ends up staying a night or two, up late listening to music with Sherlock or soaking in the California warmth outside.

(Staying away from Milliways too long makes him slightly antsy -- what if his door unlocks and he doesn't notice? -- but the Stark household is a good deal more stable than the bar.)
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2011-08-22 05:53 pm


So in a series of events that no one could possibly have foreseen, Auggie has been turned into a kitten.

An adorable kitten.

An adorable, gray, blind kitten.

Lucky he has sympathetic friends, huh?