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August Anderson. Youngest of five boys. Scottish father, American mother, both Muggles. His parents met in Chicago, got married, and lived in Illinois for ten-eleven years. They moved back to Britain when August was five. August is bidialectical, lowland Scottish and Midwestern, and does a pretty fair middle-class English. Yes I stole this idea from John Barrowman's life.

He gets his letter at age 11 and has no idea what to do. It's his oldest brother who ends up helping him out after Auggie shows him the letter. They concoct a fake boarding school that Auggie has been invited to, Julius goes to London with Auggie to buy his supplies, etc. Julius basically acts as Auggie's cover for his first few years of school, until Auggie knows enough magic and enough wizards and witches that they can take over the ruse.

Auggie goes to Hogwarts (where, to his bewilderment, "August" is not considered at all a weird name) and is top of his class in DAtDA and Charms. He's a Chaser for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team in his sixth and seventh year. Graduates with great OWLs and NEWTs in 1996, the year after the return of Voldemort, and quickly enters Auror training at the Ministry of Magic. He graduates to the rank of full Auror in 2000.

Four years later, he leads a team into a hostage situation: five Death Eaters holding two dozen Muggles in an Underground station. (The end of the war with Voldemort was hardly the end of the Death Eater movement, of course, just like WWII wasn't the end of the Nazi movement.) Of course, the thing about Death Eaters and hostages is that they're not really in it to get any demands met, they're just in it to torture and slaughter Muggles. August leads a team of four other Aurors in; in the resulting fight, four Death Eaters and three Aurors are killed, five Muggles die and seven more are injured, August is blinded, and his lover/partner Natalia Petrovna goes MIA. One Death Eater -- the one who cast the blinding spell that hit August -- escapes. August is awarded the MInistry's equivalent of the Purple Heart and is given a desk job, which he's anxious to get away from.

Clearly in the wizarding world you can openly be an Auror, but he's never read any of his family in except Jules.

Born: 1979
First Year: 1990
Seventh Year: 1996
Begins Auror training: 1997
Auror in the field: 2000-2004
Auror in the office: 2004-2007
Sabbatical: 2007-2008
Begins teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts: School year 2009-10
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August Anderson

June 2012


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